Edwardian Engagement Rings

The Edwardian Era engagement rings refers to the style of engagement rings made between the 1900 and 1920 during the known as Belle Epoch or Beautiful Era. This was a point in time during the reign of King Edward VII, when everything was decadent, luxurious and extravagant. Rings created in the Edwardian era are distinguishable by their intricate and delicate designs focused on romantic traditionalism. Edwardian engagement rings contain fine lace with scroll work, fine filigree work with designs such as bows, flowers, vines, and more were woven into the filigree pattern. Pierced profiles and the use of platinum, silver and white gold as well as; sapphires, diamonds and lozenges. These rings contain pave setting with multiple much smaller stones surrounding the middle stone.

Edwardian engagement rings are perfect for a romantic sweet girl who loves feminine, pretty things, there is nothing more romantic that the delicate scroll and lace work in the rings of this period. Any girl is bound to fall in love with an Edwardian engagement ring!
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