How to Choose an Antique Engagement Ring Just for Her

You are about to pop the big question to the girl you love, but first you need to buy her an engagement ring. You want to surprise her with that ring which is just right, just perfect for her. Of course you can have her pick out the ring herself but where is the fun and surprise in that?! Plus, a ring that has been carefully picked out by you with all the love in the world is ultimately more valuable.

Assuming that you are here because you have figured out that an antique engagement ring is the right choice for your girl (she loves vintage clothes and retro things!) then how do you go about finding that vintage engagement ring that is the right choice for her, after all the choices are infinite.

Pay Attention to her Taste in Jewelry:

Have a close look at her jewelry, here is where you will get the best idea of the kinds of things she likes to wear. Does she tend to wear platinum or white gold? or is she more of a rose gold or a yellow gold girl. There you have your first big clue. Also take more notice of items that she wears all the time, as they are the ones that she will feel most comfortable with.

You can go with the classic diamond but don't overlook emeralds, rubies and sapphires or even a combination of these as another valid option. To get ideas about color choices you can simply ask her what her favourite color is or just have a look at what colors dominate her wardrobe, accessories and jewelry.

Think About What Would Look Best on Her Hands:

Wide bands can make fingers appear shorter than they are, oval cuts can make short finger appear sleeker. If she has long fingers she can get away with bolder style rings (consider Art Deco Engagement Rings). A small delicate ring can get lost on large hands only to accentuate their size.

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