Art Deco Engagement Rings

The 1920's brought the strong and bold designs of the Art Deco Style. Art Deco Engagement rings are still as popular today as they were 90 years ago for their geometric and angular design that make them the perfect accessory to wear on your finger. Art Deco rings with their contrasting stones and elaborate settings are true pieces of art and make for a perfect engagement ring for those couples looking for something stylish and truly unique.

Art Deco rings were usually made out of platinum or white or yellow gold. Art Deco rings consist of one central gem surrounded by smaller contrasting colored gems set in geometrically angular designs and are rarely made out of a solitaire diamond like todays modern engagement ring designs, making Art Deco Rings slightly larger and more representative of todays bridal sets. Diamonds are often paired with corals,onyx, lapis lazuli, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, peridot and turquoise.

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