Antique Engagement Rings

Many superstitions cling to rings from prehistoric times. But it was usually thought that an engagement ring is a harbinger of happiness and luck.

The ring is without end and continuous in a round shape. It is a symbol of never ending affection and love that should continue to flow uninterrupted. A broken wedding ring is a sign of marital breakdown. Whereas a wedding ring that has been worn to a thin thread was thought of as lucky and that it would bring the wearers children good luck.

Formerly men wore engagement rings too, but through time left them off as being a sign of bondage.
Diamond engagement rings are considered the most luckiest of all as its sparkle is thought of as originating in the fires of love and diamonds are considered the highest for of gift.

Losing a stone from an engagement ring is a sign of bad luck unless it is replaced before the wedding takes place.

Pearls in antique engagement rings were considered unlucky as the pearls are seen as representing tears.

This auction includes antique engagement rings of all different eras; Victorian engagement rings, Edwardian engagement rings, Art Deco engagement rings, Art Nouveau engagement rings, engagement rings with diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds and more.

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